Developing Electrical Network in Al-Nabi Younis- Halhul

HEPCo teams have installed new 11 KV network cables and distribution transformers. In addition, they switched overhead networks into ground; to improve the quality and quality of services.

HEPCo teams planted new electrical towers and poles in Al-Nabi Younis area in Halhul. Teams have also installed 11 kV high voltage cables, 200 m of 11 kV medium voltage ground cables, distribution transformer, and ring switch. This project strengthens power supply and enhances the electrical grid in the area. In fact, this project estimated cost is (200,000) ILS.

HEPCo General Manager, Eng. Abdel Raof El-Sheikh said that efforts will continue to develop the electrical system and enhance power connectivity and continuity at HEPCo Concession Area. These efforts are directed by HEPCo Chairman, Mr. Taysir Abu Sneineh to improve the company's capabilities.

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